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One thing that many new singers, of any type not just cross-dressers, struggle with is putting photos onto their profiles as they don’t know what is acceptable or they don’t want to reveal their identities

So we have decided to put up here a selection of some of our current crossdressing members so that you can see that there are lots of different men who all share your passion for wearing women’s lingerie and dresses!

These are all genuine crossdressers:

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Crossdresser or Transvestite?

Crossdressing v Transvestitism

At a basic level there is no difference they are words for the same thing – any person of one biological gender who dresses in clothes associated with the opposite gender, this does not necessarily just apply to men.

Tranny ContactsAlthough generally now days it is mostly men that are termed as being a tranny or xdresser as they tend to like putting on women’s underwear and dresses, etc. For many of these men they are sexually straight and just get a sexual kick from secretly wearing or trying on their female partners knickers.

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