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What is a cuckold husband?

Just a load of cuck and bull?

Many people argue that the most important role players in cuckoldry are the hotwife and the bull, but if it wasn’t for the cuckold husband this act wouldn’t be cuckolding!

But what is a cuck and do you get different types?
The cuckold-husband is a married man (or in a steady relationship) whose wife/girlfriend has sex with another male, his wife/girlfriend is called a cuckold-wife (cuckoldress or hotwife) and the “other” man is referred to as the bull. There are generally two kinds of cuckold males – the submissive type and the dominant type.

However to be completely clear, this sexual act by the “wife” is NOT an affair or in any way secretive as the husband is fully aware of what his partner is doing and in most cases he is there to watch her in action with the bull.

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