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UK Dogging Photos

Want to see the REAL side to UK dogging? In that case check out these amateur couples dogging photos that have been submitted by members

Lets be honest we all love looking at REAL dogging photos but finding genuine dogging copuples photos is next to impossible!! why? well for starters the last thing you want to do is start firing off some flash photos at night whilst the wife is getting fucked at some UK dogging location! but saying that as you can see below some of out members are up for this, although the bulk are daytime dogging photos so much less a risk

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Current Dogging Locations

Finding current Dogging locations – want to find the best dogging meets around the UK & for FREE !

Dogging is no longer about just turning up to UK carparks, public locations and no more couples are using dogging forums to meet up and pre arrange meets – Whilst the hardcore dogging contacts will say this isn’t the “true” dogging scene what would you much sooner do sit around a dark car park or arrange to meet some horny dogging wife for sex? .

Finding  real dogging locations and meeting up with contacts

Dogging Forum

Its a fact as Brits we do love the UK dogging scene and theres no doubt that the UK is home of dogging with more couples enjoying the outdoor scene than anywhere else within Europe which when you consider the weather we get does seem some what odd compared with other warmer locations such as Spain, but we are harden outdoor fans come rain or shine Continue Reading »

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Tranny Dogging

Tranny dogging scene is strong and better now than ever before, find UK crossdressers dogging and current locations !

Whilst its true to say the UK dogging scene has changed a lot of recent years both with locations and ways trannies find current and up to date dogging locations one things for sure more sexy transvestites are meeting up for some outdoor sex, find out where tranny dogging contacts are and members photos .

Dogging Trannies

REAL amateur tranny dogging locations, contacts and photos
For as long as I’ve been involved within the UK Dogging scene trannies have always been extremely proactive in not only arranging meets and posting details within the dogging forums but also posting up photos and as a voyeur myself I love checking out real dogging photos Continue Reading »

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What is Dogging?

So, we are here to help you get to grips with all dogging terms, “rules” and also to help you to locate doggers from your area!

Recently in the media there has been a lot of mentions about dogging but many people don’t know exactly what it entails. What they do know is that it has become very popular in the UK particularly with people who are part of online adult communities and that it involves getting a thrill from having sex in a semi-public place.

Outdoor SexFirst things first, what is dogging?
Dogging is a general term that describes outdoor sexual activities, which can be anything from having anonymous sex with strangers for example in a secluded car park, to exhibitionists couples putting on a sex show on a picnic table in the open air.

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