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Want to see the REAL side to UK dogging? In that case check out these amateur couples dogging photos that have been submitted by members

Lets be honest we all love looking at REAL dogging photos but finding genuine dogging copuples photos is next to impossible!! why? well for starters the last thing you want to do is start firing off some flash photos at night whilst the wife is getting fucked at some UK dogging location! but saying that as you can see below some of out members are up for this, although the bulk are daytime dogging photos so much less a risk

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Want to watch guys wanking over YOUR wife – Read about how easy setting up a bukkake party is and FOR FREE !

Want to arrange a Bukkake party and not really sure where to turn or even how to find the males that will wank over you wife, then read on as not only is it easy to set up a Bukkake or greedy girl party but its also FREE, not often you see that .

Its not so much How to hold bukkake parties, more so when……. meet with bukkake contacts

Bukkake Parties

The Bukkake group scene is for many couples a role playing fantasy and something that many horny wives dream about where guys will stand around them masturbating and cuming over them, but with adult contacts websites these fantasies are easy to turn into realty and you can offer your Bukkake wife the cum facials shes been wanting Continue Reading »

Finding current Dogging locations – want to find the best dogging meets around the UK & for FREE !

Dogging is no longer about just turning up to UK carparks, public locations and no more couples are using dogging forums to meet up and pre arrange meets – Whilst the hardcore dogging contacts will say this isn’t the “true” dogging scene what would you much sooner do sit around a dark car park or arrange to meet some horny dogging wife for sex? .

Finding  real dogging locations and meeting up with contacts

Dogging Forum

Its a fact as Brits we do love the UK dogging scene and theres no doubt that the UK is home of dogging with more couples enjoying the outdoor scene than anywhere else within Europe which when you consider the weather we get does seem some what odd compared with other warmer locations such as Spain, but we are harden outdoor fans come rain or shine Continue Reading »

Tranny dogging scene is strong and better now than ever before, find UK crossdressers dogging and current locations !

Whilst its true to say the UK dogging scene has changed a lot of recent years both with locations and ways trannies find current and up to date dogging locations one things for sure more sexy transvestites are meeting up for some outdoor sex, find out where tranny dogging contacts are and members photos .

Dogging Trannies

REAL amateur tranny dogging locations, contacts and photos
For as long as I’ve been involved within the UK Dogging scene trannies have always been extremely proactive in not only arranging meets and posting details within the dogging forums but also posting up photos and as a voyeur myself I love checking out real dogging photos Continue Reading »

Forums aren’t just for geeks – Swinger forum

When it comes swingers forums for many its the first place they log into as its the heart of ANY adult contacts and swinging community, read why forums are so important and how they can help you in your swinging fun

Sexy MILFsFor those that are unfamiliar with the term “forum” basically its very much like a chatroom or message board where people can post comments and views on just about any subject and as our fourm is within a UK swingers website the prime subject is themed around swinging and its associated activities and for most members it’s the first place they head towards to read posting made by members Continue Reading »

Hot ‘n’ Horny Housewives

It is commonly known that women are generally at their sexual peak during their “middle age” whereas guys tend to peak in the 20s, so surely it is just natural that older women will pursue toyboys and vice versa!

Sexy MILFsNow this mature ladies and younger lads scenario has been occurring for decades but more recently the women have been given a title – MILF, which basically stands for Mum I’d Like To Fuck or alternatively cougar for the women who actively hunt for young men to seduce. Now both of these terms are mainstream but a swingers contacts site makes it much easier for the two parties to meet up!

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A BDSM community consists of adults who are into bondage, discipline,  sadism and masochism. The role-playing is based around the concept of dominance and submission with the participants taking on roles of masters/mistresses & slaves.

BDSM SwingersOn swingers sites you can easily make new contacts, with couples or singles, who share your fetish desires who can help you to live out your fantasies. Once a member you can browse the sex personals and if you are a premium member you can search by keywords for those members who are into activities like spanking, bondage role play, blindfolding, restraints, etc.

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One thing that many new singers, of any type not just cross-dressers, struggle with is putting photos onto their profiles as they don’t know what is acceptable or they don’t want to reveal their identities

So we have decided to put up here a selection of some of our current crossdressing members so that you can see that there are lots of different men who all share your passion for wearing women’s lingerie and dresses!

These are all genuine crossdressers:

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Crossdressing v Transvestitism

At a basic level there is no difference they are words for the same thing – any person of one biological gender who dresses in clothes associated with the opposite gender, this does not necessarily just apply to men.

Tranny ContactsAlthough generally now days it is mostly men that are termed as being a tranny or xdresser as they tend to like putting on women’s underwear and dresses, etc. For many of these men they are sexually straight and just get a sexual kick from secretly wearing or trying on their female partners knickers.

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Just a load of cuck and bull?

Many people argue that the most important role players in cuckoldry are the hotwife and the bull, but if it wasn’t for the cuckold husband this act wouldn’t be cuckolding!

But what is a cuck and do you get different types?
The cuckold-husband is a married man (or in a steady relationship) whose wife/girlfriend has sex with another male, his wife/girlfriend is called a cuckold-wife (cuckoldress or hotwife) and the “other” man is referred to as the bull. There are generally two kinds of cuckold males – the submissive type and the dominant type.

However to be completely clear, this sexual act by the “wife” is NOT an affair or in any way secretive as the husband is fully aware of what his partner is doing and in most cases he is there to watch her in action with the bull.

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