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Swinging Stories

By reading other swingers stories you get a real taste of what it is like to be a swinger!

Swingers StoriesOne thing that a lot of our swinging members like to do is to tell the tales of their experiences and if you are new to the swinging scene read these stories is a great way to find out more information and get a sense of what really goes on at swingers parties or even how others got involved, from their first threesome to a first visit to a swinger club.

Once you are a member of our swinging community you can create your own blog and that is your space to put up your own stories, fantasies or a journal of your swinger activities. You don’t have to do this but this is where you can read all the stories created by other swingers, certainly a great place to go for some bedtime reading.

Here are some recent stories:

  • I went into the room and she was kissing  him. Then he said I must kiss her. I kissed her and sucked her breasts as she did to me. Then another girl came into the room and the first one left and the other girl was on top of him then he was on to…… [read more]
  • I got up horny this morning & decided to do a local daytime doggin site, I went with my skirt suit on, glasses, but put on my crotchless nics & black peep bra under white blouse, I had no Pussy……  [read more]
  • We’d talked about everything under the sun, so I asked him about his fantasies, being new to all this I wanted to hear the kind of things that people found exciting, you never know I said some of them may even be achievable. He said the idea of catch…… [read more]
  • I’d always suspected that I was a cock slut but now I know.It has long been a fantasy of mine to be fucked by loads of men, usually lorry drivers, in a secluded lay-by, one after the other whilst sucking cock and having men touching, rubbing, fondling…… [read more]
  • He then walked around to the back of me to find my arse totally exposed in my g-string. He loved how skimpy it was, loved how it left very little to the imagination, and loved how it showed off what he wanted most from me. “That is going to be mine…… [read more]
  • Matt eased my hard cock out of my panties & slowly wanked it. I felt so horny but didn’t want to cum yet. I wanted to satisfy these two sexy studs first. I didn’t have to wait long. ” oh fuck, I’m gonna cum” said Chris. I let out a little squeal of delight…… [read more]

So if these little snippets have got your juices going then in a few simple steps you could be reading the rest of these stories and many, many more plus you could even be chatting to the horny authors in the chatroom and possibly feature in their next sexy adventure…

Swingers Stories